Pyxis Marketing Cloud

The next gen marketing cloud to automate scale based creative and marketing initiatives

Intelligent Marketing Automation

Creative Intelligence

Combining the best of data science and creative design to generate optimized creatives on a large scale

Audience Intelligence

Exhaustive analysis and actionable insights to enable data-driven decisions for your advertising campaign

Making digital marketing effortless

No campaign setup needed

Sit back and watch as the AI learns from all previous campaigns to set up your new campaign - with minimal hassle and maximum efficiency

Auto-generated creatives

Worried about how to generate the perfect creative? Let the software do all the hard work and designed the best ads for optimal performance

Reduce CAC and increase volume

Get reduced Customer Acquisition Costs and design your increased campaign volume according to your own budgets

Single platform for all needs

Eliminate cross-platform redundancy and find the answer to all your digital marketing needs at a single, convenient place

An innovative setup allowing brands to maximize leverage of AI and data science for all marketing needs.

Jean Doe, CEO & Founder of ClickBell

Creative Intelligence

Predictive Creative Planner

A guided template designer enabling brands to generate optimized creatives powered by the AI’s historical learnings

Cognitive Multivariant Testing

CMT allows brands to predict creative performance before launch and design ads using feedback generated by the AI

Hyperlocalized Creative Generation

A large-scale creative generation setup to design 2 lakh+ creatives relevant to specific audience micro-segments

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AI-powered model to increase efficiency and connect to your most valuable audiences.

CTO Pyxis

Audience Intelligence

Micro-Segmentation and Optimization

Go beyond primitive targeting and use data-driven optimization engines to deliver actionable audience analysis and targeting.

Live Ads

Use Live Ads and stay current with your ads. Tap into external events like weather, sports and many other API triggers to design a dynamic campaign.

Hyperlocalized Brand Lift Study

Hyperlocalized BLS allows you to conduct advanced BLS at scale with detailed analysis across several micro-niches

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Frequently Asked Questions

Wondering how Multivariant Testing works?

Confused about where to start with creatives generation?

Dive deeper into our FAQ section for better insight.

We support all the major platforms including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn,Twitter, Google, YouTube.
Once we have all the required details, the go live time is 4-5 working days.
The learning period of the system varies from 2-3 weeks depending on the type of your business and objective of the campaign.
The turn around time for any of your query would be less than 6 hours. We can have it resolved either via an email or for further support, a skype call shall be scheduled with our team.

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