Audience Intelligence

Learn more about the content your audience consumes and delve deeper into intuitive audience analysis and breakdown with an advanced statistics platform like never before.

Micro-Segmentation and Optimization

Micro target group generation allows brands to go deeper into their target group and take actions via an AI-powered optimization engine. This setup ensures scale-based optimization and cost reduction for any objective and is capable of cognitive cross-platform optimization, which allows brands to sit back and relax for campaigns across all digital mediums.

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Live Ads

With Live Ads, brands can tap in to popular external events like sports, weather, current affairs, politics etc. to generate a dynamic, intuitive ad campaign. Capabilities supporting almost all digital platforms including Google, Facebook, Twitter and others, this enables a smooth, engaging campaign.

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Hyperlocalized BLS

Moving ahead the curve from decade old BLS study methods, our system provides detailed analysis to understand brand uplift across several demographic and behavioural segments, ensuring actionable insights to plan next brand campaign in a better way.

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