Creative Intelligence

Derive knowledge about your creatives in a way like never before. Generate prediction and feedback about performance, and empower your designs with data-driven intelligence.

Predictive Creative Planner

PCP pipeline allows brands to learn from their historical creative performance by predicting templates of several form factor with depicted markings for specific element placement. It gives designers the upper hand in terms of data-backed templates along with a guided approach to deliver performance.

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Cognitive Multivariant Testing

CMT allows brands to predict performance of creatives on a specific audience before even launching the campaign. Providing feedback using real-world simulations on the basis of 4 soft parameters (clutter free, text positioning, colour gradient and format), the tool allows a much greater scope of improvement in graphic design.

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Hyperlocalized Creative Generation

This pipeline allows rapid scaling of creative development by taking up the number of creative for a brand from 2 to over 2 lakhs. The innovative setup allows brand to go deeper into micro-niches and generate relevant creatives for every audience segment, predicting the personalization elements in the creatives and recommending variations with the help of an industry standard image bank.

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